RMA Kenya visited The Nest Rescue Centre in Limuru on Saturday 20th January 2018 for CSR. The Nest is a rescue Centre which was established in 1997 for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of children in conflict with the law and children of imprisoned mothers.

Ronald Reagan once said, “We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.” The conviction and spirit behind these words led a team of staff from RMA Kenya to The Nest. It has two centers- a halfway house in Runda estate and its main center located in Limuru town.

Upon arrival, the team found that the children were in class and they were taken round the facility in Limuru by the center’s administrator, Moses, who gave further insight into what it is they do. The Nest rescues affected children and improves their living conditions during the imprisonment of their mothers. It rehabilitates and later re-integrates the children with their released mothers and the extended families and society at large. All of the Nest’s activities are carried out in close coordination with the officials of prison headquarters, Children's Court and the Children's department. Children of imprisoned mothers are committed into the Nest’s care by the Children’s court.

The children are housed at the Nest Children’s Home in Limuru. There, they receive holistic care and formal education for the time their mothers are imprisoned. Working with the courts and the Kenyan Children Services, Nest social workers strive to locate the best form of protective custody for each child while its mother is imprisoned. If no willing family member is located, the Nest accepts custody of the child and begins the process of integrating the child into the ever-changing community of the Nest.

“Many children are traumatized after experiencing crime or abuse and the arrest of and separation from their mothers.” Moses added. This was evidently seen in some of the children interaction with the team during the activities and sharing of gifts period. Counselling, provided in the Nest’s loving environment, helps to heal the wounds they suffer in body and soul.

To maintain the bond between the children and their imprisoned mothers, the Nest ensures the children regularly visit their mothers in prison. The Nest’s halfway house that is located in Runda provides emergency accommodation for up to 10 mothers with young children upon their release from prison.

When a mother is released from prison, the Nest brings the woman to its Halfway House facility. Here the woman is able to reside with her child/ren in safety. It's a time of reintegration for the family, and the Nest staff works with each woman to develop better parenting and life management skills. After several weeks, the Nest helps the family return to its home. The Nest ensures that school fees are paid for children, and helps the woman establish a simple small business so that they have a viable and legal form of income. The Nest tracks the family for about one year thereafter.

RMA Kenya team had a fun day with the children and their care givers and gave a generous contribution of supplies. Moses appreciated RMA Kenya for their presence and donations which made a difference. “The Children are still talking about you. It is whatever you did to such as these that really count.”

RMA Kenya is committed to transforming lives through consistent CSR projects.