Land Rover Lights Up One Million Lives in Kenya

Jaguar Land Rover and Climate Care have partnered to bring clean soar technology to off-grid communities in Kenya through innovative social impact program called lighting up lives. These communities have no electricity supply and their main source of lighting is wood and kerosene.

A team from Jaguar Land Rover Kenya visited groups of women and children from Wamumbi Orphan care in Kangema Nyeri county on 29th September 2018 to deliver the lights Including Msoh who lives with his grandmother and had missed school for several days as he was unable to do his homework due to lack of lights when his grandma lacked money to buy kerosene.

“I will not miss school again” said Msoh who dreams to be an architect when he grows up. “With this solar light, I will be able to complete my homework. My grandma and I are happy and looking forward to our well light nights going forward”
Using kerosene light creates hazardous indoor pollutants, one of the biggest causes of premature death in Africa. With increased taxation of paraffin in Kenya to discourage use of kerosene, Jaguar Land Rover believes that renewable solar technology offers an affordable alternative. Education improves as children like Msoh can study, read and stay up to play after dark. Women enjoy greater opportunities to work and learn. Living conditions in homes are healthier and safer, and incomes improve.

“This program will transform these communities, I am glad that these lights are more efficient, as they are powered by solar energy. We are very grateful to Jaguar Land Rover for choosing our communities, our children will perform well in school as they will have more time to study and in turn have a bright future” said Martha Mumbi, Wamumbi Orphan Care Coordinator.

Lighting up Lives is particularly relevant to Jaguar Land Rover’s own operations and commitment to a zero emissions future. It recently announced a move to 100% renewable electricity for its UK facilities and has installed the UK’s largest rooftop solar array at its Engine Manufacturing Centre in the West Midlands. It fits with an ambition to drive sustainable, innovative growth not just for the business but for communities around the world including Kangema, Kenya.