Park Assist is a system designed to make urban parking easier by automating some of the manoeuvres you need to get safely into and out of parking spaces.

Park Assist will help you manoeuvre both into and out of parallel and perpendicular parking spaces.

Once you have switched it on, Park Assist uses sensors around your Land Rover to measure up potential parking spaces as you drive past. Once it has detected a space 20 per cent or more greater than your vehicle, it asks you to stop, let go of the steering wheel and select reverse gear, via the Touchscreen. It then takes over the steering as you reverse. If you try to steer yourself, the system deactivates.

It automatically avoids objects and other vehicles, but you should always remain alert for children and animals in the vicinity. Because you control the accelerator and brakes, you can go as slowly as you like and stop when you need to.

If you need to change your direction for example, it will ask you to stop and choose a forward to reverse gear as necessary. It will still control the steering to park your Land Rover neatly within the space.

There are three modes: Parallel Park helps you reverse into a parking space parallel to your vehicle, Perpendicular Park gets you neatly into a space at 90 degrees to your vehicle, and Parking Exit helps you leave the space.

To activate Park Assist auto-searching feature, you just need to slow down below 18 mph. Alternatively you can activate Park Assist via the Touchscreen. You also use the button to choose which mode you need, Parallel Park, Perpendicular Park or Parking Exit and to switch the system off.

It is particularly useful in towns and cities, where finding spaces is more challenging. It will indicate spaces that you may have judged yourself to be too small. As it parks for you, you avoid those bumps and scratches that are part of all our urban parking experiences.

It isn’t really suitable for trying to park on a bend, and on narrow roads with parked cars on both sides it may not be as safe. A minimum road width of 4.5 metres between parked cars is required.

The Park Assist system detects large objects like other vehicles, but may not see other hazards such as children or animals, mesh fences, bicycles or motorbikes near the curb. You should always observe your surroundings just as you do normally, when using Park Assist. If you are towing a trailer, Park Assist is deactivated.


To help you park safely in a tight space, cameras display front and rear vehicle views in the Touchscreen and deliver audible and visual warnings.

Parking aid sensors on the rear, front, and sides provide real-time audible and visual feedback to indicate how close you are to obstacles.

A warning light will flash on the rear doors to help everyone to exit the vehicle safely if there is oncoming traffic or other hazards.

As we roll out InControl, specific features described may be optional and market or powertrain dependent. Please consult your local Land Rover retailer for availability and full terms in your country. Certain features require an appropriate SIM with a suitable data contract, which will require a further subscription after the initial term advised by your retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.